Listen live either from the Listen Live link on this page (which opens a pop-up player) or download the Tunein app. The stream bit rate has been chosen to give a quality better than many DAB radio stations but minimise the amount of data used. In an hour you'll use less than 30MB which shouldn't make much of a dent in most contracts and isn't so bad on PAYG. The stream is buffered which means that it continues to play for some time even if the signal is lost. Incidentally, it also adds a delay so don't be surprised if timekeeping is a little off!

At Home

Click the Listen Live button above and a pop-up page will open. Press play and streaming should start and then continue while you browse on other pages until you stop play. If this doesn't work on your computer follow the instructions below, though hopefully earlier problems with some browsers are now fixed. If you're listening on Tunein or Reciva you can also listen on several devices apart from your computer.

Want to try an alternative player?

If you are experiencing problems with web players or you want to use your favourite media player try using these links:

Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime Web Proxy

We suggest if you're offered the option to "save as", save to your desktop so you can click on it again in future (otherwise you may end up with lots of copies in your download folder.